Mr.Ho from Hongkong


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Guest DJ
Mr.Ho (Klasse Wrecks, ESP Institute)

SINKICHI (budryukyu,Churashima navigator)
KAZUMA (tonefloat,nebula)

Charu (バンビーバーズ)

Mar 28th (thu) 20:00-late night
music charge 1,000 yen



Record collector, DJ, Producer and Label Owner of Klasse Recordings.
Over 15 years of collecting music and djing in clubs, Mr. Ho plays energetic and hypnotic sets that
are rooted in House, Techno, Disco, Breakbeat and Electronica, using his technical skills to move
between the genres.
Mr. Ho runs and curates Klasse Wrecks, the cult Berlin label that has been bringing out some of the
most highly anticipated and sought after records in electronic music in recent years.
Since relocating back to his home town of Hong Kong, Mr. Ho is familiar with both European and
Asian clubs through regular gigs in both territories, as well as holding down residencies in Hong
Kong (Minh) and Berlin (Grafiti Tapes -Ohm).
Mr. Ho has made music for Klasse Wrecks, ESP Institute, Clone Jack for Daze, Neubau, and
Creme Organization. Every Mr. Ho release has its own style, is made with respect to each of the
imprints, and is an indication of his broad knowledge both in production and as a dj.