Yoake Records presents Dawn -One Asia tour in Kyoto-

One Asia tour in Kyoto

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Mogwaa (1asia/8Balltown)
Endy chen (1asia/groove bunny records/Daily Vinyl)
Hankyovain (Treasure Box)
Fhss(Yoake Records)



Mogwaa Mogwaa(Seungyoung Lee) is a producer based in Seoul. Mogwaa started his career as a musician in funk jazz band ‘Funkafric Booster’ and made his own debut at Clique Record [Déjà Vu, 2017]. From his studio in Seoul, Korea, which is full of Synthesizers and Drum machines, he produces expanse of genres from digi-reggae, funk to house music. He’s also famous for his liveset playing two synthesizers, and with new year comes, he has built up his set to be more interactive with array of hardware gears. Besides his own projects, he is also playing as a keyboardist for ‘Xinseha and the Town’ and ‘Gurueng Train’

Endy chen